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Simple Carrot Soup

Janice cooking soup in kitchen
Janice cooking soup

This is a really easy carrot soup without cream. When I say easy, I mean it. I actually didn't think this could possibly taste so nice. I really just threw it together to use up some extra carrots. It turned out to be the perfect combination of protein, complex carbs and some fat. My granddaughter Maeve loves it, and she and I like it better not blitzed, but that's an option too. And easily doubled or tripled to feed the family or the freezer.

1/2 cup of carrots will give you:

  • 73% of your daily requirement of vitamin A

  • 9% of your daily vitamin K

  • 8% of your daily potassium and fibre

  • 5% of your daily vitamin C

  • 2% of your daily calcium and iron

Buy organic and give them a good wash but don't peel. This preserves more nutrients and increases fibre content.

What are they good for?

According to WebMed, carrots are good for your eyes, helps your heart, supports your immune system, lower your risk of cancer, strengthens bones and helps with constipation.

Serves 2

2 tbs oil

1 small to medium onion chopped finely

2 carrots chopped finely

3 cloves garlic chopped finely

85g red lentils

I litre vegetable stock

2 tbs chopped parsley

Extra parsley for garnish

Cook onion in oil until translucent.

Add carrots, rinsed lentils, and stock.

Simmer until veg is soft and lentils cooked.

Season and stir in 2 tbs parsley.


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