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 Happy & Healthy
Weight Loss

Transform your midlife and beyond

12 week "One to One" Personal Programme

You’ve reached the right person if you want to lose and maintain a healthy weight as the years roll by.

You’re in the right place

if you want to set yourself up for good health for decades to come. 

My own transformation came about because I wanted sustainable change and vitality as a granny and love the feeling of being an active part of my granddaughters’ lives.

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Does this sound familiar?

You have

  • Been on diets for ever

  • Tried all sorts of eating strategies

  • Unexplained weight gain as you hit your 40’s and 50’s

  • Lost weight but put it all on again

  • Are confused by all the nutrition messages

You’re fed up not knowing, not having, not understanding, and basically not eating food you really enjoy.

What if?

You could feel yourself losing weight, having more energy, sleeping better, niggling aches and pains gone, confident shopping and cooking and knowing you are setting yourself up for good health for the decades to come?


You could find the ideal person, who understands and gives you the right support, answers your questions, takes you step by step by the hand.


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Why this programme, now?

This is a One to One highly tailored programme with a difference.

You'll be empowered with tools, knowledge, materials, and recipes – all a joy to play with.  You'll put in place sustainable holistic changes related to eating, movement, sleep and managing stress.

And you’ll have a happy and healthy weight loss and weight maintenance lifestyle.

My process is unique.


It’s not an ‘off the shelf” programme that I roll out time and time again.  For each client, I assess individual needs and tailor to suit.  


My down to earth and fun approach is what makes me different.  I’ve helped 100’s of people lose weight over the last 10 years.  I’m a registered Nutritional Therapist. My approach to weight loss is grounded in nutritional science and research and focussed on the whole body, but more importantly I’ve walked the talk.  Not much of a problem with weight for most of my earlier life, even after 3 children.  But the weight started to pile on in my late 40’s.  A stressful job, and no adjustments to my diet as I aged were the main culprits but a series of diets and yo yo weight loss and gain didn’t help.  I set about learning all I could, trying various disciplines and discovered that there is no ONE perfect diet, no magic food, plan or potion. 

Nutritional Therapy is all about an individual approach.

Working out what works for YOU.

That’s where I come in.

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How it works?


The 3 month package allows me to deliver for you a Happy and Healthy Weight Loss, delivered IN PERSON, in Cumber House, Claudy or via Zoom. 


It is a mix of presentation style learning, goal setting, looking back at what worked and forward to the week ahead.  Added value is your midweek What’s App access to me for meal ideas, inspiration, struggles and questions.  

What’s included:

  • Analysis of current diet

  • Goal setting

  • Mindset and motivation guidance

  • Tailored Meal Plan to suit

    • Age

    • Lifestyle

    • Dietary likes/dislikes

    • Budget

    • Shopping Advice

    • Personalised Lifestyle Plan

    • Sleep

    • Movement and Exercise

    • Stress

  • Midweek support

  • Individual Supplement Recommendations

  • 12 weekly sessions

    • Week 1 x 90 mins

    • Week 2 x  60 mins

    • Week 3  x 45 mins

    • Week 4  x 45 mins

    • Week 5 x 45 mins

    • Week 6 x 45 mins

    • Week 7 x 30 mins

    • Week 8 x 30 mins

    • Week 9 x 30 mins

    • Week 10 x 30 mins

    • Week 11 x 30 mins

    • Week 12 x 30 mins

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  • Mid-Week Support

  • Supplement Recommendations

  • Weekly Recipe Refresh

  • Discounted maintenance package 

 ​The investment is £475


How you’ll feel is priceless.

NOTE  This package is not suitable for anyone with a pre-existing medical condition. In that situation please go to Consultations and select the Premium package which allows me more time to factor in your current medical condition with your weight loss goal.  If you're not sure, book a FREE Discovery Call with me.  

Here’s what current and previous programme participants have said?

“After a miserable end to the year, being poorly and having no energy, I had a good friend recommend Janice to me. I joined one of her small groups for weight loss in January and within the first week was eating so well. I couldn't believe the difference, not having the feeling of wanting to snack and not having the 'fog' feeling. I noticed my sleep and energy levels increase very quickly too. Janice is very thorough in her guidance and explains all her topics in easy-to-understand language. I've lost 2st and 9lbs”.

Barbara Hanna

“I feel so much healthier, I've lost weight, started exercising and have much more confidence in planning and making meals.  Janice is brimming full of knowledge and the delivery of information during her. sessions is excellent. Her enthusiasm and interest in Nutrition and wellbeing gives me much needed encouragement and increases my levels of motivation which helps me achieve my goals.  I wish she would write a book.” 

~ Patsy O'Kane


“I highly recommend working with Janice. I booked a private consultation to target stress and weight loss and have continued with a series of follow up sessions to keep on track. Janice is extremely knowledgeable in all things nutrition, and it really is amazing how positively you can improve your health and wellbeing.”

~ Maria

  • Do you provide a meal plan?
    Yes, included is a 14-day meal plan.
  • Are recipes included?
    Yes, recipes are included in the meal plan and added to throughout the programme.
  • How does the weigh-in work?
    You can either weight in with me, just before the session starts, or I provide a guideline for tracking your progress and a tracker you can use at home.
  • Do we have to share our weight?
    Absolutely not. You may share if you wish but the is no obligation to do so. The focus is on the positive changes you make and how you feel.
  • Do you ask how much we've lost?
    This is very personal. I may ask how you got on and it's up to you what you share. I am interested in the goals you set, the changes you make and how you feel. Some people do share but not everyone.
  • Is there an exercise plan?
    I talk about the different types of activity & movement and suggest & signpost you to different providers for either free home activvities or paid classes.
  • Will you recommend supplements?
    My approach is food-first, however I do discuss nutrients that are important and how to supplement if necessary.
  • What happens after the 6 weeks?
    After the 6 weeks you may feel confident to continue without support, however weight loss is a process that requires consistency and most people need ongoing support. I offer a 30 minute check in session for anyone who has completed my programmes. This is offered at a 50% discount and is at 11.30 or 8pm
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