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Boost Your Health


Power Hour To Boost Your Health

Stuck on one thing in your health and wellness that you could really use some help shifting? Let’s get you some answers.

A power hour session is for you if:


  • You need a fresh perspective on a health diagnosis.

  • You just aren’t feeling full of energy and vitality and feel you’re missing out on life, but you don’t know what to do.

  • You want to make small changes and get big results, with tools and actions you can take now.

  • You need new ideas to revitalise your health goals and get you moving forward again.

  • You want clarity from someone you trust (you have been googling your health issue or symptoms and getting loads of different results).

I've got you.

You've come to the right place.

Stop googling.

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One hour with me and you'll get clarity and a way forward to easing what ails you.  You'll know exactly what to do, what to eat, where to go if you need more help - basically it’s the first step in getting you feel better, back in control of your health.

A few examples of what we can use the Power Hour for.

​What if you...

  • could cut through the confusion about carbs

  • knew exactly what supplements to take (why and when)

  • were confident you're eating the right foods to help achieve your goals

  • know that you’re eating the right portions and quantity for YOU

  • could quickly and easily be free from constipation

  • know exactly the first steps to take to get healthy

  • can decide about a vegetarian diet, or keto, or mediterranean

  • figured out solutions for aching joints

  • are implementing a strong brain health diet


​The Power Hour will suit you if you want to get some clarity around an issue, a start on the next step or the first step, some answers from a trusted health professional.

​I have helped hundreds of women regain their health confidence and I'd love to help you.

What do I get in the Power Hour

  • One 60-minute session.

  • We’ll do a deep dive and get solutions in one area in your health and wellness journey that’s holding you back.

  • Session notes and resources after our session to help you move forward.

  • A recording of our session and clear actions.

  • A qualified Nutritional Therapist, devoted entirely to your issue, at a time that suits you. 

You can choose from one of the following areas:

The right diet for YOU

Mediterranean, plant based, Low carb, Keto, fasting

Supplement Recommendations

Individual recommendations based on your health status and current diet, including brand, dosage, and timespan.

Lifestyle Choices

Sleep, stress, activity, mindfulness


Are you ready for answers?

Investment:  £90

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How it Works?

If I book right now, what happens next?


You’ll receive a health questionnaire to complete so I know exactly what you want to focus on and what you feel is holding you back.


You’ll get a link to book your Power Hour where we will work through your chosen topic and come up with a concrete action plan in this area that will move you forward.


We jump on our zoom session, and you will discover exactly what it is you need to do, what’s holding you back and what your next steps are going to be.


After the session I’ll send you all my notes as well as a write-up of the action plan we created during our time together.


As well as your notes I’ll send you recipes, meal ideas, recommendations, fact sheets and resources to help you.


Are you ready for the solution?

Investment:  £90

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What My Clients Say

Sinead O'Donnell

I wanted to learn about food, to really understand and not just be told but I needed something I could live with.   After working with Janice, I feel more positive, have much more energy and feel much more confident planning and making meals.   As a bonus, my digestion is so much better and brain much clearer and less foggy.

Claire McLaughlin

I wanted to improve my knowledge and have an educated approach as to how and why. After working with Janice, I’m confident now that I am aging well and healthily. I'm not worried about my health as I get older. There’s no one diet that works for everyone but there is one that works for ME, and Janice helped me find it. 

  • Do you provide a meal plan?
    Yes, included is a 14-day meal plan.
  • Are recipes included?
    Yes, recipes are included in the meal plan and added to throughout the programme.
  • How does the weigh-in work?
    You can either weight in with me, just before the session starts, or I provide a guideline for tracking your progress and a tracker you can use at home.
  • Do we have to share our weight?
    Absolutely not. You may share if you wish but the is no obligation to do so. The focus is on the positive changes you make and how you feel.
  • Do you ask how much we've lost?
    This is very personal. I may ask how you got on and it's up to you what you share. I am interested in the goals you set, the changes you make and how you feel. Some people do share but not everyone.
  • Is there an exercise plan?
    I talk about the different types of activity & movement and suggest & signpost you to different providers for either free home activvities or paid classes.
  • Will you recommend supplements?
    My approach is food-first, however I do discuss nutrients that are important and how to supplement if necessary.
  • What happens after the 6 weeks?
    After the 6 weeks you may feel confident to continue without support, however weight loss is a process that requires consistency and most people need ongoing support. I offer a 30 minute check in session for anyone who has completed my programmes. This is offered at a 50% discount and is at 11.30 or 8pm
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