About Me

When granddaughters Ava and Maeve came into my life, I knew I wanted  to be an active and energetic presence in their lives for as long as possible. 


After a career in the Public & Private sector, and after battling midlife weight gain myself,  I spent 8 years as a weight loss consultant.  

I spent  years studying healthy eating, health ageing, weight loss, stress management and tons of different eating styles.  I'm a qualified Nutritional Therapist and through the process overhauled my own health and feel the best I've ever felt.  And I want to share that with you.

Whatever your reason for wanting a healthier life and wherever you are starting from, I can help.

What's a Nutritional Therapist?

I'm like an engineer, checking on your cogs and wheels.


No single part of our body works in isolation, they are all interconnected.  Your joint pain may come from your gut, your forgetfulness caused by your diet, your weight gain exacerabated by your hormones which are affected by your diet and lifestyle.    This path can be difficult to navigate on your own, but I have years of training and experience. 


I have helped hundreds of women regain confidence, health and vitality as they transition into the second half of life.

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Claudy, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland 

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