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Janice standing at her stove in her kitchen smiling

The Best Is Yet To Come Midlife Coach

Helping you to discover a life full of vitality, energy and bouncing wellness.

Have you had a glimpse of the second half of your life and want to worry about your health less and enjoy your present and future more?


I got you.

There’s only one problem.


Society tells you that once a woman hits 50 or 60 you’re on the downhill. How many times have I heard women say,


“I’m on the wrong side of 50”?

By the way, I said it myself not so long ago,

and I just didn’t like the future that presented.


You are starting to feel a bit creaky, maybe the knees are aching, the memory slipping, sleep a bit dodgy and energy dips throughout the day.

And maybe on top of all that the lbs are rolling on

– you just can’t seem to eat the same things anymore.


You’ve tried diets,

listened to podcasts,

followed health people online,

downloaded tips,

maybe even taken shakes,

pills or potions.


Yet, somehow, despite all your efforts, it feels like your vibrant potential future keeps receding away from you, instead of getting closer.


"There ARE actions you can take to make your dreams a reality"...

You’re overwhelmed.


One minute you know what to do, the next you’re confused. The health messages you hear are often conflicting and you don’t know who to believe. So, you don’t even get started. You’re starting to think maybe creaking joints, memory loss, low energy, weight gain, and general slowness are just part of getting older.

Janice standing outside smiling in a red dress with arms crossed

We need to talk

My name is Janice Tracey and I am a Nutritional Therapist and Lifestyle Coach working with women who want a healthy and vibrant future.


If you’re a woman, at midlife or beyond, looking to lessen the impact of an existing condition, or avoid common age-related health issues, I’m here to help you.


I know what it’s like to not have a clue when it comes to getting started, getting the quick wins, the important habits, the shops to use, the foods to buy and the easy meals to make that support your body and not drive it further into despair.


I want to share everything I’ve learned from my own journey, starting as a busy female professional, working in a male dominated environment, not sleeping, gaining weight, energy highs and lows, burning the candle at both ends...

to now, at 63, a granny, feeling healthier, stronger and more energetic than ever before, running my own business and confident I’ll be showing up at life for decades to come with granddaughters, Ava and Maeve and grandson Jim.


I combine all that know-how with the skills I have developed over 10 years helping people lose weight and 4 years learning everything about the human body, nutrition, lifestyle and how they all work.


My passion is giving women the tools and knowledge to start on their journey and keep on going long after they have finished working with me.


What really breaks my heart about this health space?

Seeing woman who want to invest in their health, who want a vibrant future, but are sold quick fixes, one size fits all or outdated dietary approaches. These types of fixes are at best expensive but at worst, leave you feeling worse than when you started.


You may be afraid that you can’t do this. Despite how much you’ve seen, or how you’ve seen other people transform, you fear you don’t have what it takes to turn it around for you.


Please believe me.

You have exactly what it takes.

And I can help.

I can take you from

“I’m on the wrong side of 50”


“I can’t wait for the next chapter; the best is yet to come.”

If you’re looking for support to get you to “the best is yet to come” feeling,

you’re in the right place.


Working with me, you will experience a life full of

vitality, energy and bouncing wellness.

I can’t wait to meet and support you.

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 I offer several packages & programmes, let's find out how we can work together.

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What My Clients Say

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Barbara Hanna

I joined one of Janice's small groups for weight loss, in January, and within the first week was eating so well. I couldn't believe the difference, not having the feeling of wanting to snack and not having the 'fog' feeling. I noticed my sleep and energy levels increase very quickly too. Janice is very thorough in her guidance and explains all her topics in easy to understand language. I've lost 2st and 9lbs.

I feel so much healthier. I've lost weight, started exercising and have much more confidence in planning and making meals. Janice is brimming full of knowledge and the delivery of information during her sessions is excellent. Her enthusiasm and interest in nutrition and wellbeing gives me much needed encouragement and increases my levels of motivation which helps me achieve my goals. I wish she would write a book.

Patsy O'Kane

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