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So now is the time to take charge of your health and feel like you again.

I’m here to help you.

There are no quick fixes and no rigid diet plans - this is a long-term approach to better health, with me at your side every step of the way.

​Invest in your health and your future self with one of my packages.

Each package includes a complete health analysis, individual nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan and follow-up coaching and consultations to ensure success.

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Result for you = you feel 100 times better.

The Packages provide you with a more in depth and ongoing service.  There is a high level of commitment, ownership, and change.


The Package is for you if you want to see results and like a coaching style of support and high level of accountability. 


The Package is the best method for getting sustainable results.  


I have helped hundreds of women regain their health confidence and I'd love to help you.

A consultation package is for you if you want to


  • Power through midlife & beyond

  • Think more clearly

  • Sleep better

  • Ease digestive issues

  • Overhaul your diet

  • Reduce pain from arthritis

  • Manage weight

  • Balance hormones (PCOS, Menopause, Thyroid, Stress)

  • Identify and eat for food sensitivities - coeliac disease, dairy intolerance

  • Move to a Plant based diet  


I can take you from

“I’m on the wrong side of 50” 


“I can’t wait for the next chapter; the best is yet to come.”

If you’re looking for support to get you to “the best is yet to come” feeling, you’re in the right place.


Working with me, you will experience a life full of vitality, energy and bouncing wellness.

Have a look below at the three packages I offer. 


I can’t wait to meet and support you.



This package gives my highest level of support across 10 sessions which can span up to 6 months.  You get mid-week support, revision of recommendations as you progress.

10 Sessions

1 x 90 minutes

1 x 60 minutes

6 x 45 minutes

2 x 30 minutes


  • Individual Nutrition & Lifestyle recommendations to achieve your goals.

  • Tailored Supplement plan.

  • Personalised meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, book recommendations.

  • Specific testing recommendations.

  • 3 revisions of recommendations if required.

  • Mid-session check in

  • Mid-session access via WhatsApp/ Messenger.

Additional Sessions can be booked.

See Existing Clients* below.

Investment £550


This package gives my mid-range level of support across 6 sessions which can span up to 2 months.  You get mid-week support and recommendations revision as you progress. 

6 Sessions

1 x 90 minutes

1 x 60 minutes

4 x 45 minutes

  • Individual Nutrition and Lifestyle recommendations to achieve your goals.

  • Tailored supplement plan.

  • Personalised Meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, book recommendations.

  • Testing recommendations if required.

  • Two revisions of recommendations

  • Mid-session access via WhatsApp/Messenger

Additional Sessions can be booked.

See Existing Clients* below.

Investment £340



45-minute review & progress check to keep you on track with your health & wellness

Includes revised supplement plan if needed

Coaching & goal setting

Maximum gap since your last appointment 8 weeks



One hour review

Diet & nutrition plan to target your specific health needs

Coaching & goal setting to optimise your wellbeing

For when you have not seen me for 8 weeks+

Existing clients will have had a 121 appointment with me (excluding Power Hour) in the last 2 years.

What My Clients Say

Janice Tracey Nutrition branded lifestyle photography by Bernard Ward-255.jpg

Barbara Hanna

I joined one of Janice's small groups for weight loss, in January, and within the first week was eating so well. I couldn't believe the difference, not having the feeling of wanting to snack and not having the 'fog' feeling. I noticed my sleep and energy levels increase very quickly too. Janice is very thorough in her guidance and explains all her topics in easy to understand language. I've lost 2st and 9lbs.

I feel so much healthier. I've lost weight, started exercising and have much more confidence in planning and making meals. Janice is brimming full of knowledge and the delivery of information during her sessions is excellent. Her enthusiasm and interest in nutrition and wellbeing gives me much needed encouragement and increases my levels of motivation which helps me achieve my goals. I wish she would write a book.

Patsy O'Kane

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