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High Protein Leek and Potato Soup

An old family favourite of mine is Leek and Potato soup, but I don't like it too green and so I used to throw in a few extra potatoes to counter that. However I've avoided it lately as I've been following a lower GL style of eating which means lower carbohydrates and/or eating protein with carbohydrates, aiming for a slower release of energy that doesn't spike blood sugars. So this traditional 100% carbohydrate meal doesn't fit very well.

But last week I got some organic leeks in my veg box and couldn't think of anything else I'd rather make than my fav soup. I set about finding a way to make it a bit lower GL, more filling and a bit more balanced in terms of the three macronutrients - Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. The result is a really lovely soup, a full meal, pretty well balanced in terms of the macronutrients, high in protein, low in fat and calories and a nice level of fibre.


2 large leeks (sliced) (270 gms approx.)

1 large potato (chopped) (220gms approx.)

1 tin Butterbeans drained (454gms)

1 cup orange lentils (190 gns)

2 chicken or vegetable stock cubes

Cover with water

For serving – 1 tbs Total 0% Greek Yogurt

Sauté leeks in 1 tbs oil. Add the other ingredients.

Bring to the boil and simmer until soft.

Blitz (nice to leave a few lumps).

Top with 1 tbs Greek Yogurt.

NB The Greek yogurt topping adds an extra 4gms protein per 45gm tbs.

Nutritional Data

Fibre 6.4gms

Protein 18gms

Fat 1.1gm

Carbohydrates 36gms

Calories per portion 240

Average portion size 550gms

(GL circa 10)

Overall Macronutrient Breakdown

63% Carbs

32.5% Protein

4.5 % Fat

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