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Tuscan Stew

Tuscan Stew by Me

This tasted AMAZING. A successful recipe experiment using some quality ingredients.

After watching Nigella use a tin of anchovies as a base flavour for an italian tomato sauce, I was keen to try anchovies both to add flavour but as a way of adding some omega 3 into a meal that would otherwise not have any of this essential fat. I was also gifted some fresh herbs and home grown spinach by local food expert Patsy O'Kane and happened to have some Beef Bone Broth from Carols Stockmarket. After that I just let my imagination take over.

Serves 4 very generously.

I tbs olive oil 1 small can anchovies 1 carrot chopped finely 1 celery stick chopped finely 1 onion chopped finely 6 garlic cloves minced 250gms minced beef (best quality affordable) 4 slices smoked bacon chopped 1 can/carton green lentils 1 can/carton white beans 1 can/carton chopped tomatoes 2-3tbs of tomato puree 1 small chilli (if none double up on flakes) 1 tsp chilli flakes 1 tbs (generous) fresh oregano or dried 1 handful fresh basil leaves torn 300 mls bone broth/stock I use Carols Stockmarket Salt and pepper

Spinach to stir in at the end Fresh Parsley and Parmesan to serve

Don’t be too precious about having ALL the exact ingredients. Leave out anchovies if you wish. Use dried chilli and herbs instead of fresh. Any beans will do. Swap Parmesan for a dollop of yogurt or cream. Swap kale for the spinach

Melt finely chopped anchovies in oil for few minutes. Add garlic, chopped fresh chilli and dried chilli flakes and cook for a minute or two, add onions and cook for a minute or two. Add carrots and celery and mix well. Add in mince and chopped bacon and brown. Mix in 2-3 tbs tomato purée or paste. Stir in chopped tomatoes, drained beans and lentils and the herbs. Cook slowly for 30-45 minutes stirring in plenty of spinach for last few minutes. Serve with Fresh Parsley and Parmesan shavings.

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