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Gut Health for Good Health

What is Gut Health and Why is it Important? I've often talked about Gut Health. Gut Health and Thyroid, Gut Health and Stress, Gut Health and Hormones, Gut Health and Sleep, Gut Health and Constipation, Gut Health and Mood, and the list goes on.

In a nutshell, if you want to be happy and healthy, healing your gut is the first place to start!

Scroll down for the link to the Very Berry Dairy Free Ice Cream

Imagine my delight when one of my favourite supplement companies produced a pack full of all the key nutrients and probiotic support to work through a Gut Health Transformation Programme.

It's so easy to follow with the step by step guides providng the perfect platform to turn your gut around.

I’m trialling the 6-week programme myself. I’m currently at the Remove & Replace phase to remove toxins, potential food irritants and pathogenic bacteria, viruses or candida.

I have just completed my first 10 days. I'm feeling less bloated, loads of energy, smoother digestion and skin noticebly clear.

I’m loving all the new foods I’m trying out from the recipes, all included in the programme. Variety is the spice of life and the more diversity we can bring to our diet the bigger range of vitamins.

I’m trying out different grains like Quinoa or Millet Flakes for my porridge, different flours for pancakes, different milks like Hemp milk and re-introducing a few yogurt alternatives such as The Coconut Collaborative dairy free coconut yogurt.

I’ve found a lovely decaf coffee and have rediscovered how to whizz coffee with my milk of choice or an MCT oil which is great for clarity of thought and memory. What’s not to like!

I’m partial to a wee dessert and one of my favourite recipes to date has been the Very Berry No Dairy Ice Cream, with the Nutty Apple Crumble coming in a close second. And my new favourite breakfast is easy peasy Buckwheat Pancakes with coconut yogurt, nut butter and blueberries, ready in 5 minutes.

The digestive enzymes I’m taking in this phase really help the digestion of the food in the stomach which means the small intestine and then the bowel doesn’t have to work so hard – who doesn’t like a wee rest.

The multi-herbal anti-microbial formula I’m taking is eliminating any bad bacteria or viruses from the gut, clearing the way for healing and repopulation. Maybe it’s because I know all this, but I feel amazing.

I did have a few ‘tired’ days, which is normal, due to what is called die off, basically you can feel a bit worse before you feel better.

It is so easy because the package includes 6 weeks of Supplements, Shopping Lists, Recipes, Meal Planner, Juice and Smoothie Recipes, Cheat Tips, Food Swaps and loads more tools to help along the way, all packed nicely in a gorgeous box with the full 6-week supplement protocol.

I can’t wait to roll this out to clients in September with a full package of support from me. I already have a waiting list and will be working with less than 10 clients in this exclusive group so if you think it might suit you, keep tuned for my updates and pop me an email to register an interest.

My health is my wealth. I want to live longer and stronger in this world. If you want to join me, Gut Health is your starting point.

Any questions, give me a call 0n 07933124779.

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