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Very Berry Dairy Free Ice Cream

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

I tried out this Dairy Free Ice Cream as part of my Gut Health Transformation and absolutely buzzing with it.

I was lucky enough to discover this during a spell of hot weather but its a firm favourite at any time of year.

I made it Dairy Free but you can use any Yogurt you like depending on your dietary requirements. Full fat Greek yogurt would be amazing.

I also prefer to freeze berries myself. I wash the fruit and dry off excess water with kitchen paper. Quarter the strawberries and then lay out the berries on a tray lined with parchment. Freeze flat in a single layer. When frozen, transfer to a container and return to the freezer. That way they are not all stuck or mushed together. If all this faff doesn't grab you, just use your favourite frozen berry mix from the supermarket.


250gm Frozen Mixed Berries

3-4 tablespoons Coconut Yogurt

1 tablespoon Maple Syrup (optional)

Omit the maple syrup for a sugar free option and add a few slices of frozen banana.


I omitted the maple syrup last time I made it and added a few slices frozen banana. I may add in some cacao powder next time.


Blitz all the ingedients together. Depending on your equipment, I have a Ninja, you may just need to pulse repeatedly until everything is mixed.

Spoon into a dish and serve

Any unused Ice Cream can be stored in the freezer for later. I re-use glass jars saved from nut butter. Just don't fill to the top as the contents will expand.

When eating from this frozen state you will need to remove from the freezer and let it soften slightly before eating. I can never wait until it softens enough and end up scraping the top with the spoon.

Remember to hide at the back of the freezer so the rest of the family don't see it.


PS And if you make it and like it, why not share it on Social media and tag me.

PPS Frozen blueberries are a lovely sweet yet low GL snack

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