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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Can I eat fruit on this Sugar Free Challenge?

Yes, fruit is super nutritious, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. I’ll have recipes using frozen banana’s, one with apple and another using berries. I do suggest limiting your fruit intake to 2 pieces per day. It can be so easy to replace one sweetness addiction with another and much of our fruit is very sweet. I’ll be covering this a bit more over the course of the 2 weeks.

Do I have to complete the full 14 days?

Absolutely not. This is a very personal challenge and I cover that in the Success Manual you get on registration. I’m there to support you do whatever you can. Some people may decide 5 days, or 1 week is plenty. I suggest setting yourself a time frame that you think will be challenging but not off putting and then see how you feel.

Can I still have honey or agave nectar?

I cover this in the Success Manual. I suggest not, at least initially. What we are trying to do is reset your taste buds and do a bit of brain rewiring in terms of the messages received and sent out. However, if you are a big consumer of sugar/refined carbs and you feel having a drizzle of honey on your porridge will help you, then set that as your challenge. 14 Days Sugar Free but with a drizzle of honey on my porridge every day – WOW, that’s amazing.

What about artificial sweeteners?

I’m not a big fan of artificial sweeteners. There are a few that are slightly better than others, that don’t impact blood sugars as much and not as artificial. But they all sent a confusing message to the brain. I cover this in the Success Manual also. It’s a similar answer to the one above about honey?

Are there any side effects to giving up sugar?

This really depends on the level of your consumption on starting. For a high user, you may experience a headache and some irritability and cravings in the first few days. There are some supplements you can take to help with this, and I have this advice uploaded onto the Facebook group. Also, I suggest if you think you are in this bracket, use the first few days to ease your way in. Once registered, pop me a message and I can advice on this. NB These effects pass quite quickly and are replaced with amazing benefits.

What benefits will I feel?

WOW, where do I start? Here’s some comments from participants:

‘Feel amazing’, ‘More energy’, ‘Sleeping better’, ‘Balanced mood’, ‘No cravings’, ‘Better memory’, ‘In control’, ‘Thinking clearly’, ‘No rollercoaster’, ‘Lost weight’, ‘Better skin’.

What about Alcohol?

I have a list of what to avoid and what to stock up on. Alcohol is on the avoid list. However, if you’ve a night out planned or an occasion in the 14 day time frame, don’t let that be the reason not to do the challenge. 14 Days Sugar Free, with one night out is better than no day’s sugar free.

Do you provide recipes for meals and snacks?

Yes, I have loads of easy recipe and snack recipes for you

What’s included? Check it out here

OK, Where Do I Sign Up?

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