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What are you passionate about my mentor asked me today

My reply, "I’m passionate about women, specifically helping women like me moving through the 2nd half of life discover a life full of vitality energy and bouncing wellness".

You need to tell people that she said. So here I am, telling you about it.

Society tells us that once a woman hits 50 or 60, you’re on the downhill.

It breaks my heart to heart to hear women say, "I’m on the wrong side of 50". Once upon a time, I said it myself. And I felt it.

Everything was slow, sluggish, annoying, hard. I couldn't remember the simplest of things. I had put on weight but couldn't lose it and keep it off and most of all I had lost confidence and wasn't looking forward to the years to come.

But then I decided to take action and do something about it.

Cue, now I’m 61, 4 years of nutritional science and 4 years of clinical practice under my belt) a registered Nutritional Therapist, with a new career and feeling the better than I ever did.

Now, I know it’s not easy – women do get hit with a lot of niggles and health issues as they got older, sometimes worsened by the menopause.

You are starting to feel a bit creaky, maybe the knees are aching, the memory slipping, sleep a bit dodgy and energy up and down throughout the day.

And maybe on top of all that the lbs are rolling on.

You have maybe started to write out shopping lists and 5 minutes later, staring at a blank page, can't think of what to write.

Or you go start a sentence and forget half-way through. That's when I started to worry about dementia.

Have friends all started to talk about a weekend away and having a few walks and you know you wouldn't feel comfortable? Maybe you're thinking your days of having an adventure are over. Well, I'm here to tell you they're not over. Adventure awaits you if you want it.

What about grandchildren? That was a turning point for me. I was worried I wouldn't be able to be the granny I wanted to be, fun and active.

Perhaps you're worrying so much about your current and future health that it's ruining your present moment.

You’ve tried diets, listened to podcasts, followed health people online, downloaded tips, maybe even taken shakes, pills or potions.

Yet, somehow, despite all your efforts, it feels like your vibrant potential future keeps receding away from you, instead of getting closer.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to go study for 4 years to get the solutions. I can help.

I’m planning a free webinar in covering all the things stopping you from ageing well (and yes even if you’re only 45 you have to think about this NOW).

The webinar will be a blend of things that are stopping you, the challenges, specifically faced by women and how you can put things in place, start to take small but significant actions to give you a second half of life where you worry about your health less and enjoy your present and future more

Would you be interested in that?

FREE Webinar

Tuesday 1st November 8pm

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