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Sugar Free Challenge

Calling all ‘sugarholics’. Is that really a thing?

When you know it, you know it!

You’ve got to that stage where you have an almost constant craving for sweetness, that you can’t imagine not having biscuits with tea, chocolate at night, dessert every day and even on a good day you are eating the sweetest fruits you can get your hands on.

Any of that sound familiar? Don’t worry, I hear you. We’ll get it sorted.

You are not alone.

According to the NHS, we are eating 3-4 times more than the the maximum suggested by the World Health Organisation. It comes in drinks, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, baked goods, cereals, and often the added sugar is hidden in seemingly healthy foods.

Even knowing the dangers, we just can’t seem to stop. Not without some help anyway.

If you’d like help to kick the crush you have on sugar, why not join my 14-day Sugar Free Challenge.

Starts 7th June – 20th June Investment is £25


· Access to Private Challenge FB Group

· Weekly Live Q&A’s

· Sugar Free Challenge Manual

· Sugar Free Challenge Worksheet

· Sugar Free Recipes

· Avoid and Stock Up Lists

· Daily Motivation

· Tips and Trips

· Supplement Recommendations

Cutting back on added sugar is so important, as excessive consumption is linked to an increased risk of certain health conditions, including fatty liver, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease and exacerbates anxiety, stress and brain degeneration.

Here’s what some of our previous Sugar Free Challenge participants said after the last challenge.

“I felt amazing and lost weight too which was an added benefit. Janice was very supportive with new things to try out and learn every day. I’m confident I can moderate my intake now.
I found all the material easy to understand. I loved the facebook group I engaged and posted questions, I loved learning about all the sneaky sugars added to foods. There were lots of materials, fact sheets and tips and best of all I loved the sugar free recipes.” (Pauline 2020)
“Before the challenge I had low energy and my moods were all over the place. Lockdown did me no favours and I’d put on weight. Sugar had been something I couldn’t not have, the more I ate sweet things, the more I craved and the more I ate. I’d got into really bad habits and I knew I needed help to kick the habit.
After the challenge I felt amazing. I had so much more energy. My brain is much clearer, less foggy. Even after 5 days I felt the difference. Realising how much sugar and sweeteners is already in foods was an eyeopener before adding any more. An added unexpected benefit was that I always felt my eyes tired and the challenge really helped.” (Name provided, 2020)

“Before the challenge my energy had dipped, and I had put on a few lbs and wanted to lose it but really it was about my health and also my family. I was worried about them eating too much of the sweet stuff. Afterwards, I felt amazing, so much more energy and lost weight which was an added benefit and found I was sleeping so much better. For me it was a good reset” (Barbara, 2020)

“I’d got into really bad habits (night times were worst). Lockdown made things worse. My clothes didn’t fit, and I felt sluggish
I loved learning about the sneaky sugars added to foods, I didn’t realise how much sugar I was consuming. After the challenge I felt amazing.” (Rachel 2020)

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