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Obesity could become biggest preventable cause of cancer

An interesting, but not really surprising, blog from Katie at Cancer Research UK today exploring when weight issues could overtake smoking as the biggest preventable cause of Cancer in the UK. Its definitely worth a read.

To cut a long story short, it looks like in around 25 years time, if we don't crack this, overweight and obesity will top the list.

The 16 page report the blog is based on is an easy read in that the language is understandable by the lay reader and the graphs and diagrams clear and concise, however it makes uncomfortable reading when you see the words 'preventable' and 'cancer' in the same sentence.

Of course, this doesn't mean that someone who is overweight WILL develop cancer. Personal and individual risk is affected by many things like our genes, environment, nutrition status, food and drink, and lifestyle. But cracking obesity will minimize the risk both individually and nationally. Genetics load the gun but lifestyle choices pulls the trigger.

The report concludes that it is CRUK's aim to reverse the rise in overweight and obesity prevalence and that this aim is vital to reduce the number of people diagnosed with cancer in the UK in the future.

One of my main reasons for embarking on a career as a Nutrition Coach (and eventually a Nutritional Therapist) is to spread the word about how nutrition lifestyle changes can improve health on a day to day basis and drastically minimize the risk of us suffering some of the scariest illness in the modern world.

With love and hope for a healthy future.

Janice xx

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