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Welcome to the Kefir Making Workshop!


Join me in Cumber House, Claudy on Wednesday 27th March at 7pm for a fun and interactive session on making your own delicious kefir at home.


During this workshop, I will guide you through the step-by-step process of fermenting milk to create this probiotic-rich beverage.  It'll be a hands on workshop.  YOU will be making your own fermented kefir milk to take home and I'll give you organic grains to take home so you can have life long kefir milk.


As we do the fermenting, I'll be talking about all aspects of gut health, why you should be focusing on gut health first no matter your health goal and the benefits of kefir milk and other fermented foods.


This workshop is aimed at the beginner, or maybe you've given it a try before and not sure if you were doing it right.  It's for you too.  Included is follow up support for me for the 7 days following the workshop as you do it yourself at home.  


Get ready to discover the secrets of making your own kefir and how you can incorporate this nutritious drink into your daily routine.


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to enhance your culinary skills and improve your gut health!


Register now - Maximum 5 people!


Investment is £25 and includes kefir grains and kit for making your own kefir at home.  


In Person Workshop - Wednesday 27th March  7pm to 8.30pm

Cumber House, Claudy, BT47 4JA




BOOKED OUT Kefir Making Workshop

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