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Gut Health Transformation Programme

If you've been following me on social media you'll know by now that I am passionate about good Gut Health.


Every single health issue I work with clients on is impacted by Gut Health, either for good and for ill. The world's top experts in the fields of Thyroid Balance, Female Hormones, Excema, Fatigue, Food Intolerences, Autoimmune Conditions, Weight Management, Brain Fog, Fertility Issues and Cognitive Decline all say

"Start with Optimizing Gut Health"

And of course there's the more common digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, flatulence, stomach pain, diahrrea, heartburn or reflux all directly influenced by the state of our gut, the balance of bacteria or the prescence of pathogens.

Do you want to experience Smoother Digestion, Better Sleep, Clearer Skin, Regulated Hormones and Balanced Mood?

Then my 6-Week Gut Health Transformation Programme is for you.

Included will be:

  • Advanced Supplement Protocol for 6 weeks

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Recipes - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Smoothies, Juices, Snacks

  • Fermented Foods - How to make guides

  • Sample Meal plan

  • Shopping Lists

  • Cheat Sheets

  • Food Lists

  • FODMAP Appendix (if required)

  • Do's and Don'ts Tips

  • My unrivalled support for the 6 weeks

  • A private online group established for this cohort only

  • Weekly videos to keep you on track

  • Recommendations on testing if required

  • Weekly Facebook live Q&A's with me in the closed group

  • 30 days post programme online support

  • This will be a small group intake to ensure a high level of support.

  • The Booking Window opens on 12th August and closes on 31st August.

  • 15% Early Bird Discount available until 17th August to those on the Gut Transformation Mailing List.

  • Preparatory webinar week commencing 7th September

  • Programme runs 14th September - 25th October

  • Post Programme Support until 25th November

  • Total Investment in your Health - £300

  • Early Bird Investment in your Health - £255

To make sure you can access the Early Bird Discount, email me at and I'll add you to the Gut Health Transformation Programme Mailing List.

If you prefer to check in with me, perhaps check if the programme is for you, or hear about my own experience with the programme for the past 6 weeks, you can book a free 10 minute call with me using the appointment system of my Facebook page Janice Tracey Nutrition.

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