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Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

A 2 hour evening interactive cooking workshop at Cumber House, Claudy. 


The Mediterranean Diet is a magic and delicious solution to the confusion that surrounds the healthy eating space.  It gives us a simple framework for general health and well being but also supports recovery and management of many health issues we face as we get older. 


Be transported to your favourite Mediterranean spot with this hands on food fiesta and savour the full flavour of this magic region.  


 Food lovers

  • Does healthy eating seem really hard?

  • Love food but confused about food choices?

  • Is it even harder as you get older?

  • Wondering if there is a” perfect” diet?

  • Do you love a cooking demo with a hands on opportunity?

  • Maybe you have to avoid certain foods so think the Mediterranean diet isn't for you?

Any of that sound familiar?


I hear you.

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Join me for this small group interactive evening.  You’ll have an amazing night, in the company of likeminded women, surrounded by the sights and smells of the Mediterranean.


​​Walk away with:

  • A Mediterranean Diet resource pack

  • A framework to follow.

  • Easy to read explainer charts and diagrams.

  • A recipe pack to get you started.

  • Lists of foods to eat more and less of.

  • A Mediterranean salad jar you build yourself.

  • Lifestyle tips to give you that 100% Mediterranean feeling

  • Pointers for next steps if you want more information or help

What's Happening, When and Where?

I’m hosting a Mediterranean Magic evening.  It'll be fun, informal and informative.

I’ll do a bit of cooking, but so will you,  and I’ll be sharing all the latest research on what has been voted the Number One healthy diet in the world for 6 years running. 

I’ll be showing you all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, How you can adapt it to suit you, recipes for you to try at home, and then your build your own Mediterranean salad jar from a host of colourful and delicious ingredients. 


There’ll be some tasty Mediterranean Hors d'œuvre or Pinchos style nibbles and some non-alcoholic drinks (feel free to bring your own Prosecco). 

Cumber House, Claudy, BT47 4JA

Friday 11th August, 7pm - 9pm 

Investment is £40 per person or £70 for two 

It’s beginning to sound like a party, so why not bring a friend. 


I've got room for 12 lucky women.

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“I attended Janice's a Taste of Christmas event enjoyed it so much. The tasters of food and drink available to sample were delicious and the presentation on healthy eating and what our bodies need nutritionally, especially over Christmas, was invaluable. I brought my friend along and we had a great wee night out.  The booklet of recipes and the mix to take home and make the Porridge Bread was very much appreciated. Thank you, Janice, for a fab fun and informative evening.”

“Janice’s cooking demonstration and healthy eating session for our group was amazing, fun but so much information.  It was normal food made healthy and easy.  No fancy ingredients, just stuff from local supermarkets. 

We were all inspired and motivated and the recipe handouts were a wee bonus as were the laughs.”

Ella, Coleraine Community Group 2023

Sandra, A Taste of Christmas 2022

What Others Say About My Events 

You'll love this event if 

  • You want agency over your health as you get older.

  • You love food and are curious about different styles of eating.

  • You like a fun foodie night out.

  • You’re stuck in a rut and want to make a few foodie changes.

  • You’re back from holidays and want to extend the Mediterranean magic or you didn’t get away on holidays and really need a bit of Mediterranean magic.

It's not for you if 

  • You are on a very restrictive diet for health reasons.

  • You are not curious about food.

  • You don't want any new recipes.

  • You are not interested in cooking.

  • You don’t want to make any changes.

  • Online sessions are more your thing.

About Me

I’m a 62 year old granny, a Nutritional Therapist (retrained at 55) with an active passion for healthy ageing and a “life begins at whatever age you want it to” attitude. 

I love food, love cooking and love life and I’m passionate about helping women in midlife life their best life.
  • Do you provide a meal plan?
    Yes, included is a 14-day meal plan.
  • Are recipes included?
    Yes, recipes are included in the meal plan and added to throughout the programme.
  • How does the weigh-in work?
    You can either weight in with me, just before the session starts, or I provide a guideline for tracking your progress and a tracker you can use at home.
  • Do we have to share our weight?
    Absolutely not. You may share if you wish but the is no obligation to do so. The focus is on the positive changes you make and how you feel.
  • Do you ask how much we've lost?
    This is very personal. I may ask how you got on and it's up to you what you share. I am interested in the goals you set, the changes you make and how you feel. Some people do share but not everyone.
  • Is there an exercise plan?
    I talk about the different types of activity & movement and suggest & signpost you to different providers for either free home activvities or paid classes.
  • Will you recommend supplements?
    My approach is food-first, however I do discuss nutrients that are important and how to supplement if necessary.
  • What happens after the 6 weeks?
    After the 6 weeks you may feel confident to continue without support, however weight loss is a process that requires consistency and most people need ongoing support. I offer a 30 minute check in session for anyone who has completed my programmes. This is offered at a 50% discount and is at 11.30 or 8pm
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