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Helping women in midlife elevate their health status so they can live longer, stronger and happier lives.


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Nutrition for a
Happy and Healthy
Weight Loss

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Boost Your Health

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Barbara Hanna

I joined one of Janice's small groups for weight loss, in January, and within the first week was eating so well. I couldn't believe the difference, not having the feeling of wanting to snack and not having the 'fog' feeling. I noticed my sleep and energy levels increase very quickly too. Janice is very thorough in her guidance and explains all her topics in easy to understand language. I've lost 2st and 9lbs.

My weight soared in lockdown.

I needed to lose at least 7lb but hopefully a stone.

Happy and Healthy Weight Loss Programme is not a diet

but a lifestyle change promoting nutrient rich foods to achieve optimum health.

Marie McGinnis

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