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Unlocking the secrets of my kitchen

1 hour LIVE kitchen webinar

Stock your cupboards for Healthy Eating


Knowing how to stock your cupboards to keep you reaching for healthy nutritious meals and snacks instead of unhealthy ones can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you've been eating a certain way for a long time.  
Wouldn't it be handy if you could get a proper look inside the kitchen of someone who does this healthy eating thing, day in and day out.
Well you're in luck, that's exactly what this webinar is going to give you - a behind the scenes nosy into the kitchen cupboards of a nutritionist.  It might surprise you.  


Who’s it for?

Heading into middle age and beyond?

  • Are you confused about what to buy when shopping to eat well?

  • Want to live and eat healthily in later life, knowing that the food you're making is contributing to energy, bone and brain health, sleep and healthy weight?

  • Would you love to make quick and easy meals without the fuss and buying loads of ingredients every time?

  • Do you love food packed with flavour and colour but struggle to make eating well easy at home

  • Maybe you think eating healthy means drastic changes or a total overhaul of family favourites?


Any of that sound familiar?


Don’t worry, I hear you.


We’ll get it sorted.

Janice Tracey Nutrition branded lifestyle photography by Bernard Ward-451.jpg

How does it work?

This will be a fun and informal evening with me, live streaming from my kitchen where I’ll show you exactly how I stock up with essentials to make eating well simple, fun and easy so that you can do the same. 

Across the webinar I will go from one cupboard to the next guided by your questions. I’ll be cranking up the air fryer to show you how I prepare snacks and meals quickly and showing you the brands I love and explaining why my go-to favourites are so powerful for your health over 50. 


Walk away with:

  • A shopping list of essentials for the 50+ woman to stock your cupboards, fridge and freezer for great balanced meals any time of the day 

  • The know-how to throw together your breakfast, lunch and dinner even when you’ve got nothing in the fridge!

  • Understanding of which processed foods a nutritional therapist would recommend and which to avoid

  • Understanding of why the ingredients I recommend are essential to living well in the 2nd half of life.

  • 10+ quick healthy snack and meal ideas to make from your staples

What we’ll cover?

  • What to have in your cupboards so you can throw together a delicious and nourishing breakfast, lunch and dinner any time.

  • How to turn a new purchase or supermarket bargain into a tasty meal with what you already have at home.

  • How to stock your cupboards so you can adapt recipes without going out to the shops again,

  • Get nosey and see what's in my cupboards - what brands I buy and recommend and wouldn’t go without (and also the things I’d avoid at all costs,

  • My guilty cupboard secrets that you might not expect from a nutritionist.

  • The importance of storage for your ingredients and how I do this.


Details  ZOOM live from my kitchen

Time​     Thursday 29th June 7.30pm 

Investment is £15

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