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Sugarfree Challenge

Sugar free in 14 days

This 14 day LIVE Facebook programme is for you.


  • Are you a self confessed sugar-holic? 

  • You just can't stop at one biscuit?

  • Do you find yourself reach for a treat every afternoon?

  • Maybe you need something sweet after dinner?

  • Are you secretly stashing sweet wrappers in your drawer?

When you know it, you know it! 

You’ve got to that stage where you have an almost constant craving for sweetness, that you can’t imagine not having biscuits with tea, chocolate at night, and even on a good day you are eating the sweetest fruits you can get your hands on.  

Any of that sound familiar?


Don’t worry, I hear you.


We’ll get it sorted.

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You are not alone.

Davina McCall after a No Sugar November said, "After 3 days I have more energy, lot less bloated, skin looks good and waking up with a bit of a zing".

After the 14 days on my challenge you will have so much more energy, be sleeping better, less bloated and start to experience the joy of real food.  And waking up with a bit of a zing - brilliant.


  • Access to Private Challenge FB Group

  • Weekly Live Q&A’s

  • Sugar Free Challenge Manual

  • Sugar Free Challenge Worksheet

  • Sugar Free Recipes

  • Avoid and Stock Up Lists

  • Daily Motivation

  • Tips and Trips

  • Supplement Recommendations

Perhaps you think you can't do it, Or you're ashamed of how bad it's got,, Maybe you're afraid to start and fail.  But there are so many tips and strategies, things you can do to make it easier and my Sugar Free Challenge Manual helps set you up for success.  You can do this. 

If you’d like help to kick the crush you have on sugar, why not join my 10-day Sugar Free Challenge. 

Date to be arranged 

Investment is £30

What My Clients Say

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Barbara Hanna

I joined one of Janice's small groups for weight loss, in January, and within the first week was eating so well. I couldn't believe the difference, not having the feeling of wanting to snack and not having the 'fog' feeling. I noticed my sleep and energy levels increase very quickly too. Janice is very thorough in her guidance and explains all her topics in easy to understand language. I've lost 2st and 9lbs.

I feel so much healthier. I've lost weight, started exercising and have much more confidence in planning and making meals. Janice is brimming full of knowledge and the delivery of information during her sessions is excellent. Her enthusiasm and interest in nutrition and wellbeing gives me much needed encouragement and increases my levels of motivation which helps me achieve my goals. I wish she would write a book.

Patsy O'Kane

What My Clients Say

  • Do you provide a meal plan?
    Yes, included is a 14-day meal plan.
  • Are recipes included?
    Yes, recipes are included in the meal plan and added to throughout the programme.
  • How does the weigh-in work?
    You can either weight in with me, just before the session starts, or I provide a guideline for tracking your progress and a tracker you can use at home.
  • Do we have to share our weight?
    Absolutely not. You may share if you wish but the is no obligation to do so. The focus is on the positive changes you make and how you feel.
  • Do you ask how much we've lost?
    This is very personal. I may ask how you got on and it's up to you what you share. I am interested in the goals you set, the changes you make and how you feel. Some people do share but not everyone.
  • Is there an exercise plan?
    I talk about the different types of activity & movement and suggest & signpost you to different providers for either free home activvities or paid classes.
  • Will you recommend supplements?
    My approach is food-first, however I do discuss nutrients that are important and how to supplement if necessary.
  • What happens after the 6 weeks?
    After the 6 weeks you may feel confident to continue without support, however weight loss is a process that requires consistency and most people need ongoing support. I offer a 30 minute check in session for anyone who has completed my programmes. This is offered at a 50% discount and is at 11.30 or 8pm
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