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Online Prerecorded Webinar with Summary Notes 


Cholesterol - Was there ever a topic that was so misunderstood, feared and confused?


Are you like me?  Do you hate it when you don't understand your own health issues?  Technically my cholesterol is high, but........


Why does  it all seems so complicated and 'medical'. 


Don't worry, I've got your back.  


Answers for your many questions

  • Eat fat or fear it?
  • What do the numbers mean?
  • Is cholesterol good or bad?
  • Do we need it or not?
  • How does sugar impact your levels?
  • What about exercise?


In this session I cut through the confusion and get you to the bottom of the issue.  

You've found the right person if you want to get to grips with your own cholesterol levels and want to know exactly what you can do to either improve your current profile or avoid any future issues.  


On completion of your purchase you will recieve a document to download which contains the link to the webinar and some summary notes.  This will also be emailed to you.  

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Diet and Lifestyle for Healthy Cholesterol

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