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Eat Well
Live Well
Age Well

6 Weeks to your Better Than Ever Life

Small Group Coaching Programme.


Do  you want to have greater energy, get fitter, be mentally sharper, lose weight, sleep restfully and enjoy life more than ever before – right now.  Defy your own expectations about what it means to get older with this 6 week group coaching programme.


I see you struggling with:

  • Fading energy

  • Creaky joints

  • Foggy brain

  • Weight gain

  • Poor sleep 

  • Being fed up

  • Worried about health in years to come

Any of that sound familiar?  Don’t worry, I hear you.

You’ve reached the right person if you want to stay sharp and vibrant, to get older but not old.

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You’re in the right place

  • If you want to set yourself up for good health for decades to come. 

  • You are ready for sustainable change and vitality (grannies need it).

My own transformation came about because I wanted all that and more and love the feeling of being an active part of my granddaughters’ lives.

Good health, at any age is possible and doesn’t have to be  complicated. 

​Let me introduce you to your possibility.


This programme is for you if:

  • You want to live longer, vibrantly, stay sharp and enjoy life to the full.

  • You’ve been thinking you need to kick sugar habit and eat for your long-term health.

  • You’re fed up with quick fixes which leave you feeling worse than ever.

  • You’re confused by an overload of health information and don’t know what and how to eat to age well and reduce dementia risk.

  • You struggle to plan and prepare meals that you and your family will enjoy but that have all the nutrients you need.

  • You need some help as you make this transformation to your diet and lifestyle, someone who can help you work through it because they’ve been where you are

Monday 17th October 2022, 

6-week Programme

7.30pm to 8.30pm

Zoom Sessions

Investment is £100


  • 10 day Age Well Meal Plan

  • Fact Sheets on Brain Health, Heart Health, Arthritis, Toxins, Weight loss, 

  • Supplement Recommendations


For the first 5 people to book

  • 30 minute Individual One to One Power Up session with me on the topic of your choice 

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Here’s what current and previous programme participants have said


“I feel so much healthier, I've lost weight, started exercising and have much more confidence in planning and making meals.  Janice is brimming full of knowledge and the delivery of information during her. sessions is excellent. Her enthusiasm and interest in Nutrition and wellbeing gives me much needed encouragement and increases my levels of motivation which helps me achieve my goals.  I wish she would write a book.” 

~ Patsy O'Kane

I also offer tailored 121 packages to suit individual needs if you prefer individual support.  CLICK HERE if you think this approach would suit you better. 

"I wanted to learn about food, to really understand and not just be told but I needed something I could live with.   After working with Janice, I feel more positive, have much more energy and feel much more confident planning and making meals.   As a bonus, my digestion is so much better and brain much clearer and less foggy”

~ Sinead O'Donnell