What would you do with one hour with me?

  • Are you stuck? 

  • Is there one health issue that's niggling you?

  • You've been googling and getting loads of different results? 

  • Not sure where to start? 

  • Or where to turn?

I've got you.  You've come to the right place.  Stop googling.


One hour with me and you'll get clarity and a way forward to easing what ails you.  You'll know exactly what to do, what to eat, where to go if you need more help - basically its the first step in getting you feel better, back in control of your health.

A few examples of what we can use the Power Hour for.

  • Maybe you're confused about carbs?

  • Not sure about what supplements to take?

  • Wondering if you're eating the right foods?

  • Think you're eating too much or too little?

  • Looking for solutions for constipation?

  • Want to get healthy and don't know where to start?

  • Considering a different style of eating?

  • Wondering about a vegetarian diet, or keto, or mediterranean?

  • Looking for solutions for aching joints?

  • Worried about age related dementia?

The Power Hour will suit you if you want to get some clarity around an issue, a start on the next step or the first step, some answers from a trusted health professional.

I have helped hundreds of women regain their health confidence and I'd love to help you.

Investment:  This is an introductory rate until 20th May 2021

One Hour £80  

A qualified Nutritional Therapist, devoted entirely to your issue, at a time that suits you.  The perfect solution.

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