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I've added a few new offerings for the New Year to support clients in achieving their health goals. Resources include (where appropriate) Meal Plans, Recipes, Food Diaries, Meal Planners, Mindset Journal, Video Tutorials, Live Videos, Q&A's. Check each programme for details of what's included and see the FAQ's.

8 Week Zoom Coaching Programme

Limited to 12 People

Thursdays 7pm to 8pm

Starts Thurs 7th Jan


Delivered via an exclusive FB Group

Access the pre-recorded and printed material when it suits you

Starts Mon 11th Jan


4 x Zoom sessions in Week 1

Limited to 6 People

Mon-Thurs 8.30pm to 9.30pm

One to One Personal Call Fri 15th

Followed up with 6 weeks Whats App

Starts Mon 11th Jan


Private Consultations

Individual One to One Consultations

Ideal for a tailored and focused approach to managing a health condition

(Examples - thyroid health, hormone balance, diabetes, chronic fatigue, poor digestion, kidney and liver function)

Prices from

£100 for a 90 minute consultation and personalised recommendations

£175 for a 3-session package (180 minutes)

6 Week Intensive Programme

Full dietary and supplement support

Ideal if you want to focus on digestive health

Starts 30th January



I want to lose weight. Which one is best for me?

The 8 week programme is best for you if you prefer a weekly session, where you 'see' each other and can engage with me live each Thursday night. Do you like to share your experiences and listen to others? Do you like the idea of this being a small group experience with only 12 people? Then the 8 Week Programme is the best choice for you.

The One Week Intensive is best if you prefer to get all the info and resources at once and like the fact that a one to one consultation is included in this programme. You don't even have to be available for the 4 x 1 hour zoom sessions as these will be recorded. You'll also be part of a very small exclusive group of 6 or less.

The 28 Day Reset would suit you better if you DON'T like a 'session' approach. If you prefer to dip in and out when it suits you and you don't mind how many people are on the programme - the more the merrier.

I'm not to concerned about weight loss. I just want to feel better, have healthier eating habits. Which is best for me?

Your choice will be between the Private Consultation or the 28 Day Diet Reset.

The Private Consultation is personalised to you with recommendations and meal plans tailored to your individual health status, goals and likes and dislikes. The investment reflects the level of input and support from me but also is indicative of your own commitment.

The 28 Day Diet Reset will give you the tools and motivation you need to implement changes and give you a kick start. Whilst you won't have a tailored personalised plan, you will get loads of information on all the different ways we can use food to reach optimal health. You'll have healthy eating meal plans, recipes and resources.

I only have a phone, I don’t have a computer is that ok?

For the 8 Week Coaching Programme I think a computer or tablet is better, simply because on a bigger screen you can see everyone who is participating rather than the person talking. You'll also see any presentation materials I use more clearly. However, it is possible to connect to the Zoom classes using a phone, the experience will just be different.

For the Diet Reset, because it is delivered via a facebook group, this is quite well optimised for mobiles.

The Private consultations work well using a mobile, although I prefer a bigger screen (could be an age thing with me though).

What's the biggest difference between the One Week Intensive and the 8 Week Programme?

There are two main differences:

The number of people in the group (12 or 6) which basically dictates how personalised the service can be/

Your style of learning and your availability. Are you available every Thursday and like to learn a bit at a time? Or do you prefer all the knowledge on an intensive week?

There's a bit of a difference in price. Can you explain why?

The difference in price reflects:

Duration of the programme, for example 8 weeks or 28 days;

Number of participants for example unlimited, 12, 6 or just 1;

My time commitment both in preparation and delivery for each programme.

What I've tried to do is offer solutions to suit all budgets.

I'm still not sure which one suits me best. What do you suggest?

Get in touch to arrange a FREE 10 minute exploratory call with me and I can help you decide which will work best for you.

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